The team


Dr. Pedro Revilla (M): coordinator of DROMAMED. He is a researcher with more than 30 years of experience in maize breeding and genetics, including a postdoctoral stage in the University of Wisconsin (USA). The main research activity is in adaptation and stress tolerance, along with germplasm management and grain quality

Rosa Ana Malvar (F):

She is a researcher with more than 32 years of experience in maize breeding and genetics.

Her main research field is maize response to pests.

Ana Butrón (F):

She is a researcher with more than 28 years of experience in maize breeding and genetics.

Her main research field is maize response to fungi and micotoxins

Amando Ordás (M):

She is a researcher with more than 45 years of experience in maize breeding and genetics.

Her main research field is heterosis and adaptation.

Nadia Chibane (F):

With expertise in maize breeding within diverse specialities.

Lorena Álvarez-Iglesias (F):


Pedro Peón (M):

project manager who has long experience in European projects management; he will provide administrative, dissemination and monitoring support to the coordinator.


Dr. Abderahmane Djemel (M)(passed away in 2021):

MsC and PhD in the University of Lleida

Dr. Arezki Mekliche (M):

He is a specialist in plant breeding and crop production at ENSA.

Maafi Oula (F):

she is a teacher-researcher scientist at ENSA with a wide experience in field trial and data analyses; she is also an expertise in maize breeding under drought.


Dr. Rogelio Santiago (M):

He is specialized in biochemistry and has 20 years of experience in identifying maize resistance mechanisms to environmental stresses

Nuria Pedrol (F):

She is specialized in allelopathy and characterization of drought ecophysiological effects

Jaime Barros (M):

He is expert in the determination of metabolic and biosynthetic pathways in cereals at the University of Missouri

Jose Luis Araus (M):

He has ample experience in plant phenotyping of ecophysiological traits in crops species under stress at the University of Barcelona


Dr. Elisabetta Frascaroli (F):

PhD at University of Bologna in Field crops – Plant breeding.

She has more than 30 years of experience in genetics of quantitative traits (e.g., yield, heterosis, response to abiotic stresses); in allogamous (maize) and autogamous (durum wheat) crop plants; adaptation of genetic models for the analysis of quantitative traits and for the study of the germplasm; recurrent selection and the analysis of its response with different models in maize; mapping of quantitative traits in artificial as well as in natural populations; phenotypic and molecular characterization of germplasm collections.

Silvio Salvi (M):

PhD at University of Bologna in Biotechnology with 20 years of experience in plant genetics and genomics in cereals species including barley, wheat and maize ( He has previously led and is leading research projects concerning mapping and cloning genes for agronomically important traits, including root architecture; he was involved as scientist in 6 EU projects and acted as WP leader in the FP7 project WATER4CROPS.

His current research activities are in the area of molecular genetics of agronomically relevant traits in cereals (maize, barley and durum wheat), with emphasis on root and shoot/inflorescence development.


Dr. Carlotta Balconi (F):

Responsible for the Maize Germplasm Bank Bergamo-CREA, Editor Director of Maydica Journal, two years Visiting Scientist at Dept. Plant Science MSU, Bozeman, MT, USA; she has 30 year experience in maize research. Main topics: Italian maize germplasm valorization for biotic stress resistance; Maize/Fusarium/Aspergillus interaction and ear rot resistance; Quality-related traits in maize grain; Endosperm metabolic regulation; Ear secondary traits related to mycotoxin accumulation; Ribosome-inactivating proteins in cereals. Coordinator of national and international Working Groups (MiPAAFT; COST; FSAG-EU Horizon; Maize Genetic Resources EUCARPIA); leading of national Projects (CREA; MiPAAFT) has scientific involvement in national and international Projects aimed to germplasm valorization.

Gianfranco Mazzinelli (M):

Leading maize plant breeding project for more than 30 years aimed at creation and maintenance by recurrent selection, of genetic gains useful for extraction of pure inbred lines and consequent establishment of competitive hybrids.

Chiara Lanzanova (F):

Responsible of Pathology Lab. at Bergamo, with main research topics on maize toxigenic fungi, evaluation of antifungal activity of proteins in in vitro bioassays.

Sabrina Monica Locatelli (F):

Responsible of Biochemistry Lab at Bergamo.

Rita Redaelli (F):

Responsible of Chemistry and NIR Spectroscopy Lab at Bergamo.

Anna Maria Mastrangelo (F):

Has a long experience as researcher at Foggia on durum wheat genetics and genomics.

Paolo Stefano Valoti (M):

Has more than 30-year experience as Technical Collaborator at Bergamo.

Massimo Montanari (M):

Plant breeder of cereal and industrial crops at Bologna.

Nicola Pecchioni (M):

Director of CREA Research Centre for Cereal and Industrial Crops, with deep expertise in “Genomic mechanisms of tolerance to abiotic stresses and adaptation to the environment of cereals”.


Dr. Thomas Altmann (M):

(h-index 46, ORCID 0000-0002-3759-360X) leads the department `Molecular Genetics´ and is the head of the research group `Heterosis´. He studies control mechanisms of plant growth and development in relation to metabolism, molecular processes of heterosis, and genetic- and bio-markers for complex trait/heterosis prediction. Molecular genetics, systems biology, and automated non-invasive phenotyping in controlled environments are used to unravel mechanisms modulating performance under diverse conditions.

Astrid Junker (F):

(h-index 12, ORCID 0000-0002-4656-0308) leads the group ‘Acclimation Dynamics and Phenotyping’ within the `Molecular Genetics´ department, focuses on responses to fast recurring changes in abiotic factors. The Heterosis and Acclimation Dynamics and Phenotyping groups jointly run the phenomics facilities. Other members of the team are.

Rhonda C. Meyer (F)

Lothar Altschmied (M)

Henning Tschiersch (M)

Dominic Knoch (M)

Marc Heuermann (M):

All of them have expertise in quantitative and molecular genetics, in systems analyses integrating genomics, transcriptome and metabolome analyses and in HTP phenotyping of maize and other plants species.


M. Carlota Vaz Patto (F):

Principal Researcher at PlantX group, with expertise on plant stress resistance and quantitative genetics analysis. Contributed to 84 ISI papers, 12 book chapters and more than 170 congress presentations. h-index Scopus: 23. Complete profile.

Susana S. Araújo (F):

Researcher at PCB group with over 57 ISI papers, 10 book chapters and more than 100 conference communications. Expertise on physiological and molecular mechanisms underlying abiotic stress resistance in plants. Complete profile at

Susana T. Leitão (F):

Junior Researcher at the PlantX group, with expertise in quantitative genetics, biotic-abiotic stresses interaction and maize drought tolerance physiological characterization. Complete profile at


Dr. Alain Charcosset (M):

INRAE Research Director (PI) and vice-director of GQE Le Moulon. He is plant quantitative geneticist with 33 years’ experience (H Index 39), acknowledged for his contributions to breeding methodology and QTL mapping in broad diversity populations. He is a leading maize geneticist in Europe with contributions on European Maize diversity and adaptation to temperate climate. He coordinated large scale project CornFed, AMAIZING and has been WP leader of DROPS FP7 project. He is the chair of the EUCARPIA Maize and Sorghum section. Complete details

Claude Welcker (M):

Plant breeder and geneticist (H index: 17), works on the genetic variability of plant adaptation to drought and heat stress and its impact on performance in drought-prone environments and implication in breeding. He is deputy director of Montpellier plant phenotyping platform (M3P, LEPSE) node of the French Phenomic Infrastructure and coordinates projects in academic/private large consortia

Carine Palaffre (F):

Director of the Maize Experimental Unit of Saint Martin de Hinx, Southwest of France. Research engineer specialist in plant genetic resources and phenomics, she coordinates management, generation and characterization of genetic resources for the French Center of Biological Resources for Agronomy and Infrastructure and European consortia

Romain Chapuis (M):

Responsible of the Phenome-Emphasis high throughput plant phenotyping platform at the INRAE DiaScope unit. Specialised in characterisation and analyse of the plant responses to limited water resources and high temperatures. Carries field experiments for dissected traits of water stress tolerance for BFF (Biomass For the Future) and Amaizing projects

Brigitte Gouesnard (F):

Plant geneticist UMR AGAP Montpellier, works on exploration and characterization of maize genetic diversity for adaptation to challenging environments; member of scientific board of the French centre of biological resources for Maize.


Dr. Chahine Karmous (M)

Dr. Walid Hamada (M)


Dr. Ali Sahri (M):

Researcher at INRA’s Genebank with expertise in agronomy, plant breeding and plant genetic resources conservation and management.

Dr. Hassan Ouabbou (M):

Researcher and head of INRA’s Genebank with expertise in agronomy, plant breeding and crop physiology in arid and semi-arid areas, in particular abiotic stress.

Dr. Oussama El Gharras (M):

researcher at INRA Morocco with expertise in agricultural and bio-systems engineering, especially focused on mechanization, machinery development and farm practices.


Dr. Sekip Erdal (M):

He has been a maize breeder/researcher at the BATEM since 2000. He developed both maize and sorghum varieties mainly for Turkey. His works currently focuses on specialty maize types, drought tolerant maize and grain quality in maize.

Ahmet Ozturk (M):

Currently, carrying out drought tolerant maize projects at BATEM.

Mehmet Pamukcu (M):

He has been involved in many maize research projects since 2001 and he is one of the most experienced researchers at BATEM.

Akin Tepe (M):

He is an expert in abiotic stresses (drought, heat), especially, in studying plants responses to the stresses during vegetative stage.


Pr. Addel Khalid Essamadi (M):

Director of the laboratory of Biochemistry, natural resources and Environment.

Nasser Boubker (M)

Eddoha Rabiaa (F)

Moujahid Abderrahman (M)